Snowed in DIY

Ari and I were stuck inside this snowy weekend, so we decided to tackle our very first DIY project!

Ari had already proven to me that he was indeed a very handy husband, when he built me a backdrop for our wedding. During my wedding planning, I came across a picture of a couple standing in front of an old rustic barn door.  As soon as I saw it, I knew this would be perfect for our backyard wedding. I Immediately fell in love. This was it, the perfect backdrop where Ari and I will say our vows to one another.

Fast forward 6 months, we moved away from Pittsburgh and found ourselves in North Carolina. Being hundreds of miles from home, I figured my barn door would never get built. Ari, however, knew how much I wanted it and spent the entire day before our wedding building it! And boy did it turn out beautiful!

My mom chipped in and stained the wood, so that it would be ready to be cut and assembled once Ari and I got back to Pittsburgh (and because she didnt want him to have stained hands at our wedding), and Ari’s aunt decorated the barn door with flowers.

Now, it was our chance to do a project together!

We spent our Friday night sifting through Pinterest looking for DIY projects and when we came across a desk by shanty 2 chic, we knew we had to build it. They had free plans online, so Saturday morning we headed to home depot and bought supplies. The instructions were easy to follow and had hubby read through them prior to going to the store, we would have only needed to make one trip as opposed to three 😉

The messy part was done on our back patio and the rest we did inside our apartment since it was FREEZING outside.

We finished the night off with some paint and celebrated Ari’s birthday with some delicious chocolate cake!

(Ari leaves for Mexico again tomorrow.. so I will be left with all the leftovers 🙂 )

The next day we awoke to this…..

This was our first snow down south! I still cant believe that 4 days ago, I was laying by the pool.

Hubby finished assembling the desk while I made us breakfast.

YAY we did it! To reward ourselves we ate ice cream filled crepes for breakfast! YUM.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! XO

If you enjoy DIY projects, you should check out Shanty 2 Chic!

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