28 Things I love about my husband

AKA the belated birthday post (I hope this makes up for me not getting you a birthday card 😛 but its only fair to share that your birthday card made me a whole year older than I really was 😉 )



So here I go 🙂

I love that…

  1. you MARRIED me! hehe obviously this is my number one!
  2. you always know how to get my mind out of my ‘worst case scenarios’. Ya even did this today when I immediately jumped to the conclusion that I needed a root canal, bc my tooth was bothering me.
  3. You ALWAYS put everyone you love before yourself, even if its something little/silly like letting me have the last couple pieces of popcorn.
  4. you always fix our arguments…I know I know I need to be less stubborn and meet ya half way.
  5. you strive to be the best at everything you do.
  6. you never ever settle.
  7. you are very persistent (hehe I have this trait to thank for making us be US).
  8. you are very intelligent and teach me all about finances and real life stuff… although ORANGE STARBURSTS WILL NOT HELP WITH SORE THROATS…but ill let that one slide 😛
  9. you are NOT too “manly” to help with the laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.
  10. you respect my germ phobia.
  11. you dress better than me.
  12. you are active.
  13. you protect me.. but remember when I say my stomach hurts.. it does not mean I need to go to the hospital 😛
  14. you let me turn the heat up in our apartment even though you are already naked and sweating!
  15. you put gas in my car.
  16. you love my family as much as I do.
  17. you are trying to learn German.. although I think your only motivation is that I keep telling you me and our future kids will have a secret language that you cant understand
  18. you MOVED south with me 🙂 and made all my warm weather dreams come true.
  19. you let me have my intimate wedding.
  20. you secretly love all the chick flicks I make you watch.
  21. you grin and bare it when we take thousands of pictures.
  22. you get crafty with me.
  23. you are my FOREVER travel buddy.
  24. you didn’t DIVORCE me after I made us veer off the path in the mountains and get lost and added 4 hours to our hike.
  25. you fulfill all my dreams..even though your making me wait FOREVER to have babies..but I know its all part of our plan.
  26. you make the BEST chocolate peanut butter cookies that are OH SO GOOEY!
  27. you are a HUNK!
  28. you are the man I want to have children with (like how I kept this one till the end??.. AND you think its all about ’em babies).

I love you forever and always Ari!


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