What’s cookin’ Wednesday : Schnitzel

This weeks meal: schnitzel with brussel sprouts.

Schnitzel has always been my favorite food as a child and I still love it today! During our trip to Austria, Ari ate schnitzel essentially everyday. Traditional schnitzel is made from pork, but Ive always preferred either chicken or turkey schnitzel.

Things you need: eggs, splash of milk, flour, bread crumbs, chicken breasts

First, I like to prepare the chicken. I cut out all the yucky parts and thinly slice the chicken breast (how thin you slice it depends on personal preference). Next grab 3 dishes that are big enough for one chicken piece at a time. (I used plastic to-go containers & lids) Fill one with 2 eggs and a splash of milk, the other with flour and the third dish with bread crumbs.

Now start breading! Make sure you coat each chicken piece in flour, then egg and lastly bread crumbs.

Once all the chicken breasts are breaded, pan fry them.(the key here is make sure the oil is hot so the chicken sizzles as soon as you place it in the oil) Flip when golden brown. Depending on how thick your chicken pieces are, you may need to finish cooking the chicken in the oven at 350°.

For the brussel sprouts, Wash and halve. Coat in olive oil and bake at 350° till brown.

Schnitzel with Brussel Sprouts

Schnitzel with Brussel Sprouts

Schnitzel with Brussel Sprouts

Happy cooking! We’d love to hear about your go to recipes!


This meal would go wonderfully with a BIG slice of a lemon bar. Click here for recipe!

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