What’s cookin’ Wednesday: Quinoa Salad

Hey guys! So I decided to start writing a blog post each week of recipes we try and our go to favorites. This will force us to come up with a new twist each week, as well as give me a virtual recipe book that I can reference in the future. I will also include some traditional Austrian dishes!

This weeks recipe: Quinoa Salad

This is basically my go to every day of the week lunch. It is very easy to make and in my opinion super yummy!

All you need is:
Bag of frozen peas
Onion (I typically use sweet onion)
Cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, Avocados, carrots, celery, and any veggie you like!
1 cup Quinoa

To make:
Pour frozen peas in a big mixing bowl. Next cook 1 cup quinoa. As the Quinoa is cooking chop all the veggies (I didn’t include an amount here because it really depends on how many veggies you want!) Do not put the cut veggies in with the frozen peas! ( I did this mistake once and then all my fresh veggies froze and tasted funky afterward). Once the quinoa is done, dump the HOT quinoa on the frozen peas. This will defrost the peas and bring the quinoa to room temperature. Mix well and then add in all the chopped veggies.  When I am ready to eat I dress the salad with apple cider vinegar and olive oil, but I’m sure it will be equally as yummy with any other dressing!

This week my Quinoa salad just consisted of bell peppers and onions. I used the remaining veggies I had on hand to make an avocado, tomato, & cucumber salad. YUM!






What are your go to lunch recipes?



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