We’re PREGNANT! weeks 1-4

August 4th, 2018 is the day we found out we we’re expecting!! But lets rewind a little and start from the beginning.

When did you start trying?

Well, if you ask Ari, he would tell you 2 months, but if you ask me FOREVER! So yes officially we started trying 2 months ago, but I have been TRYING to convince Ari we were ready for years!

Did you know you were pregnant before taking the test?

HECK YES! So I’ll have to admit, I thought I was pregnant every month right before my period arrived (this was even before I got off BC). I know I know I’m a little crazy, but I hoped and dreamed for it for SO long! But I will say this month was completely different. I started developing weird symptoms very early on, like really bad acid reflux, lots and lots of cramping days before my expected period, and I was extremely bloated. I took a pregnancy test every day starting at cycle day 23 (I may have been a little impatient!). And then Friday (cycle day 26) I woke up at 1 am feeling so nauseous and sick. This continued all day, so I texted Ari and told him I wanted to go get a early detection pregnancy test when I got home. It was SO hard to wait till the next morning, but I know first morning pee is the best time to test and I did NOT want to see another negative.

Did you track your cycle?

UMM do you know me?! YES and way more! Everyone told me don’t make trying become a chore, just have fun… um did I “just have fun” while prepping for my boards? NO! I am not a wing it kind of gal, so I gave it my absolute 100%!

I had 4 ovulation tracking apps (Kindara, Ovia, Flow, and Clue) My favorite was Ovia Fertility! I now have the Ovia Pregnancy app and LOVE it! I’ll admit I wasn’t perfect with tracking CM or temperature, but I had ovulation test strips to help! And I HIGHLY recommend the pregmate strips! I purchased mine from Amazon and they were super cheap! I got 100 LH strips and 50 pregnancy strips for I think $25. This took most of the guessing away since it would tell me when I had my surge and then I would know approximately 24 hours later I would ovulate. This was key for us since Ari essentially travels weekly. But lucky for us he was home for two weeks in a row which meant lots of baby making time! 🙂

Here are some other things we did, whether it helped or not I will be doing ALL of these things again once its time for baby number 2! I propped my hips up under a pillow for about 10-15 min after, I ate certain foods during each phase of my cycle to help with fertility and implantation. And Ari started taking Acai supplements!

How am I feeling now?

Extremely happy! And a nervous wreck! We don’t have our first appointment till Sept 4th.. so waiting till then is going to be tough! I am so excited for that appointment! We will get to see our little one (or ones 😉 ) This stage is also very tough because you have ZERO reassurance that everything is going ok. When I cramp I wonder is this too much cramping?? When I don’t cramp, I ask myself WHY AM I NOT CRAMPING? WHAT IS WRONG? Basically its a roller coaster of emotions but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Praying for a happy and healthy baby & pregnancy!



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