Weekend in Savannah

Ari and I both had off on Friday, so we figured it would be the perfect weekend for a little getaway. We both had wanted to make a trip down to Savannah, because we had heard lots of wonderful things of this charming little city. And boy was it!

We hit the road early Friday morning and made it to Savannah around 10:30. We dropped off our things at the hotel and headed to find a spot for lunch. Now I forgot to mention that Ari and I were both sick and the entire car ride was completely silent because our throats were so raw (And for those of you who know me, can imagine how difficult this was for me!) Needless to say we should have cancelled our getaway, but we were both SO excited that that thought didn’t even cross our minds.

As we were trying to figure out what cute restaurant we should try out, we stumbled past a Mcdonalds. Now no judgment here please, but yes we opted for Mcdonalds. We both couldn’t really taste anything anyways and we weren’t in the mood to trudge around in the down pour. We filled our bellies and then wondered around the city. Like I mentioned earlier it was POURING. Luckily we came prepared with umbrellas and raincoats! Like I said we were ambitious to make the best out of this trip!



After the smart hubby 🙂 pulled up the weather radar we saw that the rain would continue till about 4 pm, so we decided to head back to the hotel. At this point I was feeling even worse so I took a nap, and then Ari woke me when the weather finally cleared.

At this point we had already decided that we would cut our trip short and head back home in the morning. Unfortunately the weather forecast had changed and being that we were already not feeling too well, we decided it would be best to get home.

Knowing we only had a few more hours left in Savannah we made sure we made the best of it and even made our way to Tybee Island! AND boy was it windy! Despite how cool it was, I was amazed to see that there were still some folks in the water! I got cold just looking at them 😛


And for dinner we ate at Mcdonalds again… JK. 🙂  By this time I was starving, and Ari was in the mood for some Lobster Bisque (And so was I!).. so we were on a mission! As we were walking along checking out all the menus to see which restaurant had lobster bisque, I saw that almost every place had an old country boil. Ari and I both never had one, so now we were looking for a restaurant that offered both. We ended up not finding a place with both so we decided to just eat the soup at one and then the boil at another (I’m sure the waiters found us annoying..sorry!)

We ate at The River House and OMG was that Lobster bisque delicious! Even hubby approved! Although he does still think the best lobster bisque was the one at our wedding 🙂 The entire menu was mouth watering, and had we not already made up our minds to have a country boil, we would have stayed there for the main course. We will definitely be back to this restaurant at our next trip to Savannah.


Next stop was at Dockside. Here we tried the old country boil. Now, Ill be honest both hubby and I were not too impressed. We quickly realized that we are not fans of boiled shrimp. So we ate the potatoes, corn and sausage, which I must say the sausage was AHHMAZING! And that is coming from a girl who is not a huge sausage fan.


We finished off the evening walking along the river and then made our way back to the hotel.

Some things that I want to do next time I am in Savannah:

1. Ghost tour- this just sounded like SO much fun! I had never been on one and have heard from many that they are a lot of fun. And for those that know me, know that I get scared just walking in the dark, so I know this would have SPOOKED the S#@!@ out of me!

2. Grab desert at Below Zero- this was a place we walked past, but our bellies were already too full! I know Ari will most likely eat the rolled ice cream, and I would have either the fried oreos or the funnel cake! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

3. Grab coffee at The Coffee Fox – they have cold brew coffee on tap!

4. Remember to go back to the Savannah Bee Company – we had sampled the delicious honey and their skin care products smelled AMAZING!

5. Go when the weather is warm and sunny 😛



Have you been to Savannah?! What are your favorite spots?





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