Twenty ~ Seven

Yesterday was my hubby’s 27th birthday! Which is the 7th birthday we’ve celebrated together!

It feels like just yesterday when Ari’s 21st birthday was coming up, and I had no idea what to get him (we had only been together for about a  month). So I opted for the obvious choice TEQUILA and CAKE! oh and a puffy painted shot glass 🙂

(one of our first pictures together)

And here are a few of the birthdays we captured on camera.

 Unfortunately, we didn’t snap a picture this weekend (we were to0 busy DIYing), but here is a picture of him enjoying some cake last night! I’m glad you found some cake in Mexico! Happy birthday my love!

Don’t worry, I will be enjoying the left overs from this weekend 🙂
And who knows, maybe we’ll get wild and finally open that bottle of tequila from your 21st when you get back 😉

Happy hump day friends! XO

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