Spring Spring Spring

Spring is FINALLY here and all I can think about is flip flops, dresses, ice cream and ALL those sunny days ahead! I am definitely in need of updating my closet.. although my office is Freezing, so who knows I may be wearing sweaters and tights year round 😉

 Ari and I plan to have many adventures coming up, now that the weather is finally going to be more consistent. I know we both want to make a trip out to the beach. This is something we planned on doing when we first moved down here, but with wedding planning, getting settled in new jobs, house hunting and exploring our new home, we just didn’t find the time. Now there are no more excuses and come on guys the beach is only about 3 hrs away, so we WILL make it happen this year!

I also want to go into the NC mts and do some hiking. This I’m sure will have to wait till it gets extra hot so that I don’t freeze my butt off 🙂

At work, coworkers were talking about wild blueberry picking here in NC, which is DEFINITELY right up my alley since I LOVE blueberries and essentially every fruit on the planet. I’m not exactly sure when blueberry season is down here, so I really need to figure all that out.

KAYAKING. I have never done this but it looks like SO much fun, so this is also on my “MUST do” list for this spring/summer. There are a lot of lakes and rivers right around where we live, so I am sure we can cross this one off our list very soon.

My brother is also getting MARRIED this June, so I am BEYOND excited about that! Still praying my hair will be nice and long for the wedding…but my hair has only grown about an inch since I chopped it all off in September…. so I’m not holding my breath anymore.

Since I am just so excited for this trip and have so much to blab about I’m going to write about it in its own separate blog post! Stay tuned!

What are you all excited about for Spring/ Summer?? I’d love to hear all about your plans!

Happy Wednesday Friends! XO


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