Pregnancy update weeks 5-8

We finally made it to our first appointment..and I’m already ready to go back to see our little nugget again!

Now before I update you all on these past couple of weeks, here’s our first picture of little baby Abraham 🙂

pregnancy weeks 5-8

These past couple of weeks have been pretty uneventful since my morning sickness all day nausea and exhaustion has kept us pretty much cooped up. Ive spent lots of time on the couch re-watching every TV show I’ve ever watched.. and we are pretty much out of options at this point! We do however make a point to get out each day, whether its to the grocery store or to go look at all the baby things!

Going to work has been rough, so I lucked out that we had time off scheduled and was able to fully veg out (although I’m sure the hubs would have preferred to spend our time off in Europe! But this mama had a hunch so we didn’t book any trips!)

Ari and I celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary September 3rd and our biggest gift was getting to see our little babe the following morning! September 4th was like Christmas morning! I had a hard time falling asleep and woke up super early because my nerves were getting the best of me! We got to the appointment and I almost lost it while checking in… talk about hormonal! And finally it was our turn to get our ultrasound! I was literally shaking by this point and it took the tech a hot minute to find our little babe, so you can only imagine what was going through my head.. but then there our tiny little human was all perfect and beating away! BRING on the tissues! I finally felt at ease knowing that my little babe was doing just fine 🙂

Naturally after the appointment we made our first baby purchase and bought our little one a set of 3 onesies! (let me tell you buying gender neutral is tough!) And then I sent hubby to Kinkos to make copies of our little sonogram images..because lets face it I am putting them up all over the place!

And for the remaining weeks I thought it would be fun to answer these questions and see how they change as the weeks go by!

How far along? 8 weeks and 2 days
Baby is the size of a:
wild strawberry!! (Actual size at OB visit was 1.6 cm!) HR: 161 BPM
Total weight gain/loss:
+2.4 (from 99.7 to 102.1)
The Bump:
none, but a pooch that expands as the day goes on!
exhaustion, all day nausea, veiny boobs and stomach!
Maternity clothes?
none yet! On my days off youll find me in just a big tshirt
Stretch marks?
none!and hopefully that stays!
wake up to go pee and then I toss and turn the remainder of the night
Have you told family and friends:
YUP! It is now instagram official!
Miss Anything?
Deli meat! and energy to do anything
not yet!
Food cravings:
deli meats 🙁
Anything making you queasy or sick:
smell of meat and any strong scents
Have you started to show yet:
NOPE! I like to pretend my bloat is a bump 🙂
Gender prediction:
Any names picked out yet:
We’ve had our girl names FOREVER but stumped on boy names!
Labor Signs:
Belly Button in or out?
Wedding rings on or off?
Happy or Moody most of the time:
Happy! I’M PREGNANT 🙂 Maybe a little moody towards the hub
Best moment of the week:
first OB appointment seeing my little babe! And buying baby’s first onesies!
Looking forward to:
Our next appointment and buying more baby stuff! And growing a bump!


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