My brother is MARRIED!

So this past weekend, Ari and I had a pretty uneventful weekend….NOT! My brother got MARRIED! And I gained a wonderful SISTER!!! 🙂

Here are the deets,

Ari and I both took Friday off and made our way to Maryland bright and early. We arrived at Chanteclaire Farm around 1 and boy was it BEAUTIFUL! Ari and I were invited to stay at the farm house with the Bride and Groom along with some other members of the wedding party. All the rooms were super cute and we got first dibs on the room (perks off waking up at 5 am) 🙂

The rehearsal/ dinner was very nice. I got to catch up with some of Dom’s childhood friends and spend some time with my family. My cousin was able to come over from Austria, which was really nice since he had attended my wedding last year as well! I filled my belly with delicious BBQ food and then we ended the night hanging out at a local bar.

Wedding day!  I am definitely not used to staying up past 8:00, so waking up the next morning was pretty exhausting. The day flew by. Steph, my mom, the maid of honor, and myself went to get our hair done, while the rest of the crew hung out and played games outside. Before I knew it, It was show time! We were all dressed and posing for pictures. I even lost it as my brother made his way to take his first reveal photos with his GORGEOUS bride.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Dom and Steph had a unity tree planting ceremony which I loved and It will be neat to watch it grow (maybe with a tire swing on it in the future!) And I survived without any mishaps! I was so nervous that I would fall, pass out, cry hysterically or do something embarrassing that I’m sure ill look half constipated in all the photos 😉

The reception was a LOT of fun. And man my sister in law can DANCE! My brother is huge in to cocktail making, so naturally he concocted two signature drinks… and boy were they strong! Both ended up with my dad after I had two sips 🙂 My dad even got his groove on (ill take the credit and say it was the drinks I passed along 😉 )


Lastly, the night ended with sparklers and a bonfire ‘n smores.  By this time I was basically a zoombie and Ari and I shortly after made our way to bed!

It was an AMAZING weekend! and I am sad that it went so fast. My brother and my new sista are now off on their Honeymoon and I hope they have a blast!

Hope everyone has a wonderful wedding season!





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