LipSense: An honest review

Lipstick that lasts all day?!

**Disclaimer: I am not a distributor and this post is not sponsored.


I am typically a chapstick and go type of girl, but I do love the added touch of a good lip color. I first heard about LipSense on Facebook and immediately wanted to try. Who wouldn’t want lipstick that lasts all day, is smudge proof, water proof and kiss proof? I immediately started writing down all the colors I liked (which was basically all of them) and let my more sensible husband narrow it down. (Lets be real if it were up to me, I would have purchased them all). I went with the Aussie Rose lip color and the glossy gloss. I didn’t get the starter set, cause girl I’m all about saving some money. And I found some reviews online that coconut oil works just as well in removing the color.

A couple of days later, my package was waiting for me after work. And YES, I scarfed down my dinner and applied the LipSense right before bed. My first reaction: I woke up like this (insert sassy emoji). Now I know that wasn’t a real trial, but nonetheless it lasted through my eight hours of beauty sleep 😉


  1. Cleanse lips to remove any other lip products and oils
  2. Apply the LipSense color in 3 light layers. Letting each layer dry completely before applying the next.
  3. Seal with a top coat (one of the glosses)

Ok, so ill be honest the whole application process is a tad annoying. But if it lasts all day and I only need to do this once, I cant really complain.

Did it last all day? Surprisingly YES! The color did last all day and I only noticed some wear on my waterline.

Would I purchase again? Absolutely! And I did! I bought a more neutral color, First Love, for more of an everyday wear.

Pros? Color really does last all day (if you keep applying the gloss) and there are lots of colors and you can layer different colors to create a unique shade. Kiss, water and smudge proof!

Cons? not able to just swipe-and-go



Have you tried LipSense?! What did you think?!



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