Houses, houses, and more houses

When we first got to North Carolina we were living in Corporate housing and had 60 days to find a place to live, YIKES. And so the house hunting began…fast forward 8 months and we are still looking.

After an overwhelming weekend of looking at homes, we decided we really didn’t know the area (duh we had only been down here for 2 weeks), so we decided to rent. Ari and I looked at one apartment and as soon as the leasing agent said “you will be the first tenant in the unit” the germaphobe inside me was sold. So here we are only a few months away from our lease being up, searching for homes AGAIN.

Bring on the decisions! The Chip and Joanna inside us wants to take on a fixer upper… the more logical side wants a semi move in ready… and who wouldn’t want new construction. HELP!

How cute are these Charleston style homes?!?!

Till next time! XO



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