Budget Friendly Date Ideas

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I figured I’d share some budget friendly date ideas!


  1. Movies and pizza. There is nothing that Ari and I like more than watching movies and indulging in some good ‘ole carbs 😛 Am I right?! You could order pizza or to make the night a little more fun, make your own! We love making our own pizzas and honestly I prefer them because you get as many toppings as you want! Ari is pretty plain Jane when it comes to pizza, but I am all about the toppings! Plus for Vday you can even make a little heart shaped pizza! And while you watch the movie throw a brownie in the oven and VOILA desserts ready 🙂 My kinda night!
  2. Cook together. Get your pinterest on and find a new recipe to try! There is nothing more fun then cooking something new together..unless you’re in this household 😉 The hubs and I are both little major control freaks haha but we still manage!
  3. Play together.  Invite over some other couples, grab some wine and play some games. Or go ice skating, play mini golf, or go bowling.
  4. Breakfast in bed. Make some waffles with fresh fruit and enjoy in bed!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day! To all the single ladies out there, these dates are just as fun with some friends!


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