5 beauty hacks with coconut oil

Does anyone else think of summer time when they smell something coconutty?!

I LOVE the smell and everything coconut. Before I dive into beauty uses of coconut oil, Ill share some of my favorite coconut treats 🙂


  1. So Delicious coconut ice cream bars // If you love coconut and have not tried these you are MISSING out!! They are seriously my favorite ice cream treat!
  2. Coconut bars (I could not find a link, but I purchased mine at Aldi) // I seriously eat one every day at work as my morning snack.. and boy do they hit the spot!
  3. Unsweetned toasted coconut flakes  // I like to mix this in with my yogurt and add some fresh fruit! Adds a nice coconut crunch 🙂
  4. Trader Joe’s Coconut Cashews // All I can say is don’t say I didn’t warn you!! These are truly ADDICTING!
  5. So Delicious Cocowhip // If cool whip and coconuts had a baby this would be their child. And it does not disappoint. Put some in coffee as a creamer, enjoy with a slice of hot brownie or cookie, pair with some fruit or just eat plain right out of the container! 😉 No judgment here!

Now that we got our coconut fix, lets talk about its other uses!

coconut oil

1. Hair mask – I put this in my hair not only to hydrate my split ends but to moisturize my scalp. I lather two big spoonfuls into my hair and massage into my scalp. I then put on a shower cap and let soak for at least an hour. Shampoo and condition like normal.

2. Moisturizer – Apply a small amount to any dry spots. Small amount is KEY.. otherwise you will look like a grease ball. Ive read coconut oil reduces stretch marks, age spots and wrinkles… Looks like ill be dousing myself in this later tonight!

3. Oil pulling – I personally have not tried this myself, but Ive read swishing coconut oil around in your mouth not only whitens your teeth but kills bacteria and bad breath!

4. Make up remover – Put a couple drops onto a q-tip or cotton swap and it will instantly remove all your makeup!

5. Lip balm – Dab a small amount onto your lips. This is a great for kids too since it is 100% safe to eat!

Let’s Coconut together!

What are some of your uses?!




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